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Efficient industrial pipe system testing.

Safe, reliable non-destructive technology to locate and measure every condition you need to know about the health of your piping.


Advanced Xray Technology

LIXI provides unique solutions to maintain safer facilities, optimize quality control, and avoid loss through early detection.


Find concealed product flaws in the field.

Manage the certainty of parts and product caliber even in an active environment.

we develop intuitive

xray & testing technology

to help companies manage process and product stability

You will benefit from systems specifically developed for mechanical integrity and quality control.

Using proprietary and tested methods, LIXI, Inc. engineers advanced inspection and testing tools that are revered in today’s industrial community. While every system and service we develop is flexible, at their core, each solution maintains fundamental components that are designed to meet your complex needs.

By helping users investigate components of their operations that are concealed or contained, the adoption of LIXI technology has significantly increased corporate efficiency and reduced associated historical costs in many industries including farming, refrigeration and petrochem and more.

  • Find concealed product flaws
  • Prevent delivery of defective parts
  • Optimize the efficiency of QA
  • Reduce all-in inspection time and cost
  • Eliminate unnecessary system failures
Gamma Ray Energy

The LIXI Profiler

Portable, rapid scanning, non-destructive testing system for comprehensive evaluation of insulated and uninsulated piping.

Low Radiation XRay


Image Scope

Hand-held open system xray imaging for revealing concealed security threats and product defects.

High Resolution XRay

The LIXI WorkStation

Closed-system xray imaging for parts and product quality assessment and defect detection.


Employ trusted solutions

from a team you can count on.

We have multiple customizable options to meet your needs. All systems are available for purchase, and we offer in-house or on-site testing services.