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About Lixi

Our path to delivering best-in-class, low impact xray technology for 40+ years


Lixi, Inc. Incorporates

Lixi, Inc. was incorporated April 18, 1978 as an Illinois corporation to manufacture, sell, distribute and service the LixiScope. The LixiScope and its technology are based in U.S. Patent 4,142,101 which was assigned to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a result of their initial investment in research and development activities to bring the LixiScope to market.

NASA Documents (1) (2) (3)

NASA grants Lixi Research Limited Partnership a partially exclusive license for the isotope version of the LixiScope on November 29, 1982.

Lixi Inc Incorporates

LixiScope receives Federal approval

Lixi, Inc. receives approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to distribute the LixiScope (now named the ‘Lixi ImageScope‘) to licensed users in the industrial and medical markets.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration grants Lixi, Inc. permission to market the ImageScope for medical use. Lixi’s industrial x-ray tube version is registered with the FDA in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations.

The company establishes a domestic medical and industrial domestic network and operates internationally through distributors and original equipment manufacturers. Lixi’s customers include AT&T, RCA, Texas Instruments, Hughes, Xerox, General Motors, General Electric, Motorola, TRW, Intel, Ford and General Dynamics.


Lixi helps with Tylenol tampering and launches new product

February, 1986 Lixi, Inc. loans five instruments to the FDA to investigate the Tylenol (bottle tampering) poisonings.

August, 1986 Lixi, Inc. introduces its Microfocus x-ray system enters the surface mount device inspection market. Lixi, Inc. also begins to provide peripheral equipment and accessories due to customer demand for complete turnkey systems.

Lixi’s real-time x-ray systems, which have been used in the United States and abroad for quality assurance inspection of small components, are rated superior to similar instruments made by four Japanese companies and an American manufacturer. JEOL, a large Japanese firm with approximately 2,000 employees, selects Lixi systems for import and distribution in the Japanese market after a careful comparison of many similar systems.


ImageScope treks Mt. Everest

Swedish Mt. Everest Expedition Team brings the Lixi ImageScope on its expedition to examine injuries, a previously unavailable in remote areas. The ability to immediately diagnose injury resulted in proper medical care, proved to be an invaluable benefit while they were already subject to harsh conditions.


Development of the Profiler

The American Petroleum Institute (API), through the Petroleum Environmental Research Forum (PERF), funded a project via a grant to Lixi.

The intent was to develop a device that was very portable and hand-held, with technology that could identify the presence of corrosion under insulation in real time. This project was completed with the production of the Lixi Profiler, in 1998.

The application of the technology developed for the device, Radiometric Profiling (RP), ultimately exceeded the original plans for the Profiler. The innovative new non-destructive testing method resulted in the ability to not only detect corrosion, but perform a complete mechanical integrity analysis on subjects tested.


Lixi acquires Gamma Graphics Services (GGS)

Lixi acquires Gamma Graphics Services (GGS) to meet the demand for improved non-destructive testing services for industrial process piping.

GGS provides integrity evaluation services on process piping using the LIXI Profiler, and Ultrasonic Thickness testing on vessels across the U.S. and internationally. The integration of Radiometric Profiling into the company’s NDT services was quickly adopted as the most advanced technology on the market for pipe testing, and is in demand by industries including food and beverage, cold storage, petrochem, chemical, water, mills and more.


Lixi continues to evolve and innovate its accessible, in-demand x-ray technology. Consistent with the origins of the organization, the focus still remains on maintaining a legacy of best-in-class testing devices by delivering relevant technology that meets specific needs and delivers unrivaled capabilities.

The engineering team consciously identifies and implements improvements to its suite of products based on market demand, with an eye towards the future and environmental impact.

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