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Lixi offers inspection, purchase and pricing program options so that you may access our technology in the manner which best fits your needs. Please contact us to learn more or to request a quote.

Our programs support one-off or recurring technical inspections by contract, product ownership and third party resources that support your mechanical and/or production integrity initiatives.

Purchase / Own

All of LIXI’s products are available to purchase for exclusive use at your facilities. Every device we build uses proprietary technology and is produced at our facilities in the USA and therefore can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Your LIXI system comes complete with proof of concept testing, training, documentation including warranty, care and usage specs, all accessories and a portable carrying case (with the exception of the LIXI WorkStation).

Inspection Services – Pipe Systems

For less frequent required use of scanning technology, LIXI offers on-site inspection services for your operational, safety, regulatory, QA and audit requirements. Our team of expert technicians, accredited in all relevant NDT technologies and applications, is available for contract to assess location specific or system-wide industrial pipe systems.

Gamma Graphics Services, a LIXI company, is dedicated to ammonia pipe system inspection due to the highly specialized nature of the refrigeration industry. Learn more about GGS.

In-House Testing Services

For one-off project specific needs, our inspection team is available to support your Quality Assurance requirements.

After careful review of your process, we will arrange for delivery of your sample or product to our facilities for timely, thorough testing. Our technology, team and systems ensure you will identify defects to resolve challenges related to production, containment or assembly.

LIXI Profiler

Advanced proprietary xray technology provides 360° thorough scanning for fast, non-invasive, reliable pipe inspection.

Learn more about the LIXI Profiler

LIXI ImageScope

Safe, open system industrial xray scanning tool. Lightweight and portable, its design is ideal for achieving quick, onsite results.

Learn more about the LIXI ImageScope

LIXI WorkStation

Self contained, real-time xray scanning system

Learn more about the LIXI WorkStation

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