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The LIXI Profiler

Perform reliable, real-time non-destructive testing on piping, tubing, support structures, bridges, and more.

The LIXI Profiler

Fast, accurate, safe

non-destructive testing.

The LIXI Profiler is a hand-held tool connected to a portable computer with proprietary technology for recording captured data. The subject is scanned with the arm, available in multiple sizes to accommodate varying diameters of the subject being tested.

The Profiler applies Radiometric Profiling (RP), the only NDT technology that asses the integrity of the subject (such as piping, support structures, timber bridges, and tubing), in its current state. It detects and measures indications of degradation, abnormalities, liquid levels, blockages, components hidden under insulation, and more

RP is a fast, real-time non-destructive testing technique that measures changes in a beam of gamma-ray energy as it passes through the sample being inspected. The beam source is positioned on one side of the pipe with the detector is on the other side of the pipe, measuring everything in between the source and detector.

Perform a thorough evaluation

with reliable results.

The LIXI Profiler is versatile, and produces accurate and comprehensive information.

  • Lightweight and battery operated for complete portability
  • Assembled, calibrated and ready to use in minutes
  • Measurement accuracy is within +/-2%
  • Test pipe diameter 1/2″ to 24″
  • Test pipe wall thickness up to 3/4″
  • Detect indications as small as 1/4″ diameter
  • Test straight run, congested and suspended pipe, elbows, tees, reducers, and all piping components
  • Locate blockage and fouling, weld lines and change in pipe schedule as well as components including injection nozzles, thermocouples, etc.
  • Measure all corrosion, erosion, wall thickness, pipe schedule, iced/wet insulation and liquid levels
  • Instant measurements allow for on-the-spot analysis and further investigation of anomalies.

Benefit from advantages
that make an impact
in the field.


The LIXI Profiler is a dynamic, intelligent, NDT system. Developed to deliver where other non-destructive testing technologies fall short, it has proven to be a significant contribution to the industries it supports.

It can be used to test any material, though is most commonly used to test the mechanical integrity of industrial steel piping. Other current applications include locating and measuring defects in metal support structures, timber bridges, copper tubing, high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) piping.

The LIXI Profiler an excellent tool for detecting CUI, High Temperature Sulfidation Corrosion (HTSC), moisture in insulation, verifying if gate valves are fully open, and measuring wall thickness and liquid levels in piping.

100% Safe for staff

Zero radiation exposure risk

Radiometric Profiling measures the attenuation of a highly collimated radiation beam, with a very small radioisotope of Gadolinium-153 as an energy source. The emission is so low, it only registers on a geiger counter when it is placed directly in the path of the gamma beam. The source has been cleared for on-person air travel.

It poses no radiation exposure risk liability to company personnel, and does not require a radiation safety barrier.  The Profiler can legally and safely perform RP while normal business operations are in full-swing.

100% Safe for System

Zero holes or removal of insulation

The LIXI Profiler scans the subject in its current state. It is not necessary to clean or access the surface of the subject tested, or remove jacketing, insulation, or other materials. These materials and coatings are considered during analysis and do not affect the accuracy of the results.

This feature is extremely important for reducing costs associated with replacement of removed materials, preserving the function of insulation as a form of temperature control, and avoiding the introduction of ambient moisture into intact insulation by breaching the vapor barrier


Test nested and suspended pipe, elbows, tees, and runs

Degradation of piping, supports, bridges, tubing and more degrade for many different reasons, and it is all susceptible.

The design of piping systems can be challenging for many NDT methods due to limitations including the inability to test piping larger than 6″ in diameter, below 6′ in height, the outside piping of a multi-pipe rack, and straight runs.

The LIXI Profiler can test any subject it can safely access up to 24″ in diameter such as closely configured (nested) piping, elbows and bends, tees, any height, and ceiling suspended piping.


Collect data around and through with a single scan

The quick ten second ‘slice’ scanning method, a perpendicular pass across the subject with the LIXI Profiler, results in data collected around and through the entire section at the test location.

The slice technique is exclusive to the Profiler and provides a complete representation of integrity at the location tested. Other methods that are only able to test a single side or spot, often miss or overlook indications revealed by the Profiler.


Test 150+/- locations per day

The rapid-scanning ability of the the LIXI Profiler allows you to move through a project at an unparalleled speed. With a track record of testing an average of 150 locations per day (75 on locations accessible via ladder or lift) this extremely efficient method delivers on cost and time savings where others fall short.

The LIXI Profiler System

Purchase includes the complete system, a comprehensive manual, and in-person training:
Download the PDF with Specs

Top Layer Contents

Bottom Layer Contents

Detector Module
Detector handle 15 lbs.
(2) Detector assembly cable
Detector extension assembly cable
Rugged Purpose Built Computer
11” x 8” x 1.5”, 2.5 lbs., Aluminum case
5.5” x 4” Daylight readable screen
(2) Computer cables
UniConnect module

USB keyboard
TG-41 Source Holder Device
Source holder padlock with (2) keys
Source holder allen wrench
Gd-153 (up to 1.3 Ci) sealed source
UN2911 Excepted Pkg.
Battery Brick
8” x 5” x 3”, 6 lbs.
190 Wh of power for a long day of use

Battery charger & AC power cord
(2) Battery brick cables
18 inch C-arm (2) allen screws
13 inch C-arm (2) allen screws
6 inch C-arm with (2) allen screws
C-arm allen wrench
Carrying/Shipping Case with 2 Keys
26” x 19” x 16”, 65 lbs. with contents



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